Do Pawn Shops Look for Stolen Products

I know, I understand– when it pertains to taken goods it appears that of the first points that everybody thinks about is a pawn shop and if something wound up at one. The reality of that matter is that the majority of pawn brokers are very honest service drivers and also do every little thing in their power to prevent taken product from entering into their shops.

That having been said, it can be rarely compared to you might typically envision to stop all stolen goods from can be found in– however I promise you– it’s not virtually as high as you may think.

In the shops that I’ve dealt with, swiped home makes up less than 1% of all transactions based upon cops records as well as customer records of possibly swiped product.


That’s really reduced taking into consideration simply just how much goods strolls into your average pawn store each day. It’s even lower when you consider for a minute that every person and their brother seems to believe that the pawn shop is where swiped things go.

However here’s the concern– do pawn stores in fact check for stolen things or otherwise? The solution is that of course, a pawn shop will certainly inspect, especially if there is a police report connected to the incident.

Exactly How Pawn Shops Check For Stolen Items

There’s a couple of ways that you regional pawn store may inspect to see if a product is swiped or otherwise before taking it in.

Police Reports

The most typical means is merely to see if there has been a current report of a similar thing with a matching version number, serial number or summary having actually been recently reported to the police as swiped.

Oftentimes, police departments will call, fax or email neighborhood pawn stores to see if products have been available in or to put the pawn store on notification that they are trying to find a particular item or set of items as they are attached to some type of theft or burglary of some kind.

Pawn shops do a very good work at maintaining swiped goods from their shops. Stolen products make up less compared to 1% of all pawn transactions.

If a thing that has actually been reported swiped comes in, the pawn store may elect to take it in simply to obtain the product off the road and back to the rightful proprietor. On top of that, the vendor will certainly often have to supply identification about that they are which could be utilized by the authorities department to prosecute the suspect later on.

Apparent Signs Of Suspect Behavior

If the person who bring a product into market it can not describe where they obtained it from or don’t know anything about the thing, this will certainly usually tip the pawn shop off to the fact that they could not be the rightful proprietor of the product concerned.

This is a lot more true if the item is something like an extremely beneficial piece of jewelry where information regarding the ruby may enter into play. One more example would be if a young male brings in a very expensive female’s ring– that can raise a brow. Nevertheless, there’s very few circumstances under which he would certainly have such a pricey item of females fashion jewelry and also because of this he might be asked some even more penetrating concerns.

Throughout this time if the seller gets worried or seems distressed by the concerns or the fact that they need to supply identification, the pawn store might obtain a little dubious that the product concerned is potentially stolen and also may reject the transaction entirely.

If the serial number has actually been tampered with the pawn store will most likely be really questionable of the thing.

Signs Of Tampering

An additional scenario could be if the thing that someone is generating has certainly lately had the serial number tag removed or ground off the product.


This really does not take place in the majority of normal circumstances so when a pawn shop encounters products like these, there’s excellent need to believe that the product could not be the vendor’s to begin with which they are attempting to hide some determining info on it for a factor.

Pawn Shops Don’t Often Take Stolen Items

Because of exactly how pawn stores operate on a day-to-day basis, it remains in their benefit to not manage stolen things what so ever before. On the uncommon event that something swiped does be available in, it’s flawlessly reasonable for the pawn shop to transform the thing(s) down.

Additionally, most burglars know that pawn shops are typically called for to take down the vendor’s identifying details or copy their motorist’s certificate and because of this they are seldom likely to go sell their swiped products at these areas.

The pawn market has functioned very hard to build it’s online reputation as well as job very closely with police to prevent stolen things from entering their stores. When something swiped does be available in, the pawn broker will generally do exactly what they can to return the products to the rightful owners although some state legislations could in fact make that more difficult than you could visualize.

That nonetheless is a topic for a completely various short article and for afterward probably.

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