If You Found An Item, Can You Pawn It

So, let’s just think of this concern for a minute shall we? If you located an item, can you pawn it? Well, I suggest, I intend you might however I’m uncertain that I would suggest it.

Why you might ask? Well, doesn’t it seems noticeable? If somebody swiped something as well as didn’t want to take the loss for after that later taking it to a pawn store, couldn’t they simply claim that “They discovered it.”

It appears a great deal like a lie is just what I’m getting at. It sounds like something you just composed when you don’t have an explanation for why you remain in possession of an item.


If that is your story when you take something to a pawn store and then it later ends up that the product was reported stolen or missing, you are going to get a see from your regional law enforcement agency as well as they aren’t going to think your story.

I absolutely would it, and I invest all the time having individuals lie to me regarding things. (That is the characteristic of a job in the pawn market after all.).

So, believe me when I inform you, if you just occur to discover something beneficial, you had better make sure that you search for its rightful proprietor prior to you ever before think about taking it to a pawn shop, resale shop, placing it on eBay, and so on

. If you do not at the very least make a documentable initiative to search for the item’s real, rightful proprietor and also you get captured with whatever the thing is, there is an extremely, even very, good chance that you are mosting likely to be charged with obtaining stolen residential property at least.

A lot of individuals might assume “Finders Keepers” when they’ve located something that does not come from them however that would certainly be the specific contrary and also incorrect thing to do. If you find something that does not belong to you, then you must definitely most likely to the police department in the city or location that you discovered the product in and also make a report, or at really the very least a log entry to protect yourself on the occasion that thing item ended up being swiped at one factor.

So What Do You Do If You Found An Item.

Step one, as well as I mean immediately, is to visit your regional law enforcement agency and make a record or note of it. If they won’t take a complete record on the item (and they likely will not) make certain that they a minimum of make a log entrance regarding it.

The factor is this. If that product is later recognized in a taken residential or commercial property record as well as down the road, you sell whatever it is, that log entry at really least will certainly give your story regarding “I just discovered it” some assistance.

You see, by going to the cops department and making that record or obtaining that log entry made, what you are demonstrating is that you genuinely did search for the rightful owner of the item which you weren’t aiming to profit from having actually found whatever this product was.

If you do not do this, then you have zero documents that your intention in owning this later-to-be-found stolen product had not been to make money from its property, which would correspond right back to why people steal– for financial gain.


Further much more, think about making a posting on criagslist concerning the item as well as potentially the local paper if it’s totally free or at reduced or insignificant cost. If you do either among these, ensure you publish out and conserve duplicates of them. If you pay for an ad in the paper, conserve the invoice!

Bear in mind, the suggestion is to reveal, to show, that you weren’t aiming to defraud any individual of something which you actively searched for the item’s rightful owner.

So When Can You Consider Selling Something You’ve Found.

Well, the very first point you ought to do is consult your regional law enforcement agency if you made a report with them. They will likely have a plan about these issues and you need to recognize when they take into consideration the product fair game.

If you do this (and also you must) make sure that you tape the time, day and police officer you spoke with about marketing the item as if it is later identified in a stolen or missing residential property situation, these information can be the difference between you walking away without anything to fret about and you leaving in manacles.

That having been claimed, I fairly anticipate that 3 to four months to be an acceptable amount of time to await the rightful owner to find ahead and also assert the product. After that time, I would certainly be pretty comfortable selling it directly, yet again, adhere to whatever the police department that you’ve dealt with have told you to do.

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